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ME+YOU - The Story

Looking for Uniquely Talented Minds.
We work with out-of-the-box thinking, design-savvy, innovators who have a keen eye for design. Previous fabric design not critical, but must be able to draw or present ideas, concepts and work with a team. Mavericks OK, but must be able to communicate ideas, notions and concepts. Must be organized and a self motivated starter.   
A structured, professional environment.
Although we have our expert in-house design team, we also provide a structured opportunity to uniquely talented individuals to work with us as a guest designer. 

Access to National & Global Markets.

By working with ME+YOU, you will gain access to markets across the country and across the planet. Your designs will likely be seen, purchased and used in homes and communities in diverse cultures and places. Your ability to work with us to create unique designs and get these to market will create your personal brand awareness in places and commercial opportunities you would be challenged to create on your own.  

Demonstrated Talent.

Not everyone will qualify to participate in our guest designer program. Due to the considerable time and complexity of designing and bringing fabric to market, we can only work with those who can demonstrate a unique talent.

Media Promotions & Personal Brand Building.


We will support you in building strong and intelligent marketing capabilities in thought leadership, social media, video, blogs, PR, and other online and mobile platforms to help promote your fabric designs to our audience.


As a guest designer and creative artist you will work with us to help you create awareness of your unique personal brand with your followers. 

In Many Mediums


We pioneered the Bali Batik, of which we are unique by owning and controlling the quality process in our own Batik manufacturing facility in Bali, but we also work in many other printing techniques and processes such as silk screening and the latest technologies in precise digital printing.


Additionally we work with many types of fabrics and substrates, working with all the unique aspects and material, such as metallic printing and the latest technologies and processes in dyes and low carbon printing. We also work in a myriad of other genres, such as shoes, handbags, action & surf apparel, packaging, and many others, often with well known brands. 

Next Steps


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