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Me + You Hand-Dye process and Batik factory.

Me+You Hand Dyed Solids + Batiks Blog

Solidifying the best technique for Solid Fabrics

Hoffman’s new brand called Me+You isn’t just a line of solid fabrics. We utilize our second-to-none Bali factory and batik process to create the World’s finest hand dyed solids and batiks. Me+You lends itself to the modern quilter, but with its unsurpassed quality we are sure that it will crossover into every crafter’s niche.

Our process in Bali cannot be outdone. We start with what we call grey goods. This is the highest quality, cotton fabric that is ready to be given life with color. We then hand dye each piece of fabric with our color rich formulas. To create our batiks, the artisans at our factory create the metal chop. Next, the batiker dips the chop in hot wax and stamps the fabric to create the batik. The wax is then melted off in hot water. We recycle the leftover wax to be used again for a next chop.

Next, our fabric spends some time in the Balinese sunshine to bring out the richest colors. As our fabric is sunbathing, our factory is busy running the dye water through our water filtration system. This series of filters returns the water to its natural pH level in order to put it back into the environment in a safe and healthy way for our planet. This is Hoffman’s Planet Positive effort to keep our world


We are excited to continue to grow our Me+You line of hand dyed solids and batiks as we launch new colors and batiks throughout the fabric seasons.

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